20 September 2006

Last Chance to Buy at Preview Discount

Official 1.0 version to be released in October

If you've been debating about buying a copy of StyleTap Platform, do it now before the price goes up! The current preview discount will end when the official release comes out in October and the price will be significantly higher.

Everyone who purchased a copy of any release of the preview version will be able to upgrade to the 1.0 version when it is available.

See the full news release for more details...

Version 0.9.160 Now Available

New preview version (v0.9.160) of StyleTap Platform is now available and includes:

- Bluetooth enhancements for Windows Mobile 5.0
- new StyleTap APIs for screen writing
- enhanced serial I/O support
- support new Palm Treo and Symbol devices
- fixes and optimizations for specific apps

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.