23 September 2007

StyleTap Platform v1.1.006 Released

StyleTap Platform v1.1.006 is now available for download and provides the following:

  • added support for HTC 621, Asus A696 and Psion Workabout

  • updated Symbol scanner DLL to support newer Symbol scanner models

  • corrected support for SD cards with profile "SDMemory"

  • fixed application-specific problems in Chapura TurboPasswords, Music TA, GigglePop Auto Auction Market Report, Ultralingual, Ultrasoft DataShield, Highhand MemoPlus, Eshdev Hebrew, LapTimer, FontEditor and WWCalc

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.

18 September 2007

Updated Website: PayPal Accepted, Multi-Copy Purchases, Reseller Coupons

The e-commerce section of the StyleTap website has been updated with a number of new capabilities:

Now Accepting PayPal

Acceptance Mark
We've updated the e-commerce part of our website so that you can now use the convenience and security of Paypal to purchase copies of StyleTap.

Paypal can be used for both single copy purchases and multi-copy purchases using the License Manager.

Multi-Copy Purchases
Businesses, organizations, schools and hospitals can now purchase multiple copies of StyleTap Platform by creating a corporate account on our online e-commerce system. Multi-copy purchases can be paid by credit card, using PayPal, or a quote can be automatically generated for creating Purchase Orders. When purchases are made, a discount is automatically offered for orders of 20+ copies, with an additional discount for 100+ copies.

Resell StyleTap Platform
We have introduced a coupon system that makes it easier for application developers and electronic software distributors (ESDs) who want to resell StyleTap Platform on their own websites. After creating a corporate account and purchasing multiple copies of StyleTap Platform at the reseller discount levels, a reseller can receive a set of coupons (13-character codes), one for each unit purchased, that they give to their own customers as a "proof of purchase" when they purchase StyleTap Platform at the reseller's website. The customer comes to the Redeem Coupon page and enters their coupon and product key in exchange for a permanent registration key for their device.

Apologies for Blog Email Problems

Back in mid-July, something happened between Blogger and FeedBurner (the services we use for this blog), and you all received an email with an old post (from Oct 2006). Worse, it happened again a couple of days later.

Working with the helpful folk at FeedBurner, we couldn't immediately find a reason for the problem (although others reported the same mysterious behaviour on the forums), and so I turned off the email service for this blog.

Hopefully the problem has been fixed and so I've turned it back on with the sending of these several blog posts.

I apologize for the irritation and inconvenience of getting these spurious emails, and if they start happening again, I ask for your patience while we solve the problem.