02 May 2008

StyleTap Platform v1.1.009 Released

StyleTap Platform v1.1.009 is now available for download and provides the following:

  • usability improvements for StyleTap App Installer and registration screen

  • fix for StyleTap App Installer for Windows Vista

  • added support for Turkish code page

  • fixes to VFS routines to reflect UTC

  • fixes to StyleTap API calls

  • various application-specific fixes for Vaper 3, LapTimer, ChemTable, PilotLines, Passwords Plus, Peck, ZIPCAD, DocsToGo, and Aggression

  • changes to StyleTap Product key generation which affects various HTC devices such as the HTC Touch/Mogul/Titan and possibly various WM Smartphones which use the stricter security model (e.g. devices from T-Mobile)

  • added support for Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617) and i620

  • fixed keyboard support for Verizon xv6800/Sprint 6800/HTC Titan/Mogul

  • fix for WM 6 keyboard support for HTC S620/S621

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.

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