14 October 2008

StyleTap Platform v1.1.012 Released

StyleTap Platform v1.1.012 is now available for download and provides the following:

  • screen and keyboard fixes for various devices: Samsung i-780, Treo 800w, iPaq 9xx series, Verizon SMT5800

  • Motorola MCxx devices now properly recognized

  • Fixed problem with Bluetooth COM port on devices using Widcomm stack

  • Application-specific fixes: Splash Travel, 4Cast, CoPilot, NinerPaint, Plucker, Kinoma Player, KaplanToGo

  • Fixed intermittent file deletion issues on Treo 800w

  • UI Color table now always reset when palette changed using WinPalette

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.

Note: After upgrading to the latest release, users with certain devices (e.g. iPAQ 2xx devices and some HTC models) may find that StyleTap has gone back into "Trial Version" mode and will not accept your Registration Key. If this happens to you, please request a courtesy replacement key at https://styletap.com/replacement_key.php

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