16 January 2009

StyleTap for the Palm Pre?

Since Palm's announcement of the Palm Pre and webOS, we have received many emails asking (and some begging) us to create a version of StyleTap for this new platform.

From Palm's initial public statements about the application interface, it seems unlikely that we would be able to create a version of StyleTap without some assistance from Palm to provide access to the C/C++ level of APIs we would need. However, until we see what actually gets shipped to customers, it's still too early to tell what level of APIs are going to be available.

While we continue to investigate the technical feasibility, we're also assessing if there will be an appropriate business case for creating a product. If you are interested in seeing a version of StyleTap for the Palm Pre, please let us know with a quick email to sales@styletap.com, but also let Palm know that you want to have your PalmOS apps running on this new device.

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