22 March 2010

StyleTap Platform for iPhone Now Available

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® is now available for download and purchase at the StyleTap website!

We are very happy to finally announce the immediate availability of a full implementation of StyleTap Platform that runs on Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices.

StyleTap Platform for iPhone supports standard features that include TCP/IP networking, audio recording and playback, the ability to use the multi-gigabyte storage as a virtual memory card, and cut/copy/paste of text between native and Palm OS applications. It also provides innovative capabilities such as giving Palm OS applications access to the iPhone GPS by providing location information in standard GPS NMEA format.

With this release, StyleTap-compatible applications can now run on all Palm OS devices, all Windows Mobile devices, all Symbian smartphones, and now on Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices – more than any other type of mobile applications.

See the news release for the full details.

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