30 March 2010

StyleTap Platform for iPhone v0.9.010 Released

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® v0.9.010 is now available for download through Cydia and provides the following:

  • An updated WebTools utility that should eliminate the initial "hang" problem.
  • Due to popular demand, the iPhone keyboard will no longer automatically pop up when a field is given focus. However, when the user presses the keyboard button, StyleTap will still attempt to scroll the screen down to show the field if necessary.
  • The "Quit" and "Menu" buttons have been moved down to increase the distance between these buttons and the application window.
  • EvtResetAutoOffTimer has been implemented.
  • Fix to display problem in some applications (BackupMan).
  • Fix to problem in some HandDBase applications.
  • Certain iPhone models do not provide country information and this was causing a crash on startup. This has been fixed.

NOTE: If you already downloaded the initial version of StyleTap, by simply running Cydia again, it will show this version as an available update on the "Change” button. Installing the new version of StyleTap should preserve your registration code and any applications and databases that you have installed.

Many Thanks!

We thank the many of you who sent emails asking questions and offering suggestions and congratulations for finally getting the product out the door. We’re glad that we are able to enable so many of you to keep running those key applications that you can’t live without.

Lastly, we especially offer our sincere thanks to the customers who patiently worked with us to isolate and fix these early issues – it is very appreciated!

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