07 May 2010

StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile v1.1.019 Released

StyleTap Platform v1.1.019 is now available for download and provides the following:
  • SSL support added
  • Added features to avoid truncated databases. Changed databases are written to files when StyleTap is put into the background and in low memory situations.
  • Fix to changing UserName problem where user could not change user name, even after 24 hours.
  • Changes to StrCompareAscii, StrNCompareAscii and StrLen.
  • Change to allow later versions of Astraware games to work.
  • Fix for SmartListToGo record sorting.
  • Change to fix quitting problem in dqsoft games.
  • Fix to problem when SrmOpen called using COM port assigned to internal GPS device on Treo 800w/Pro and possibly other devices.
  • Fix to make EvtGetPenNative more responsive.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements for HanDBase and various other applications.

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.

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