28 July 2010

StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile v1.1.020 Released

StyleTap Platform v1.1.020 is now available for download and provides the following:
  • Fixed regression problem in function DmFindSortPosition
  • Added feature to allow extended range of Window messages to be passed to Palm application
  • New "Find" menu option invokes all Palm applications to search for specified text
  • Added optional "FlushDatabasesWhenIdle" feature to preempt corrupted databases due to forced shutdown
  • Added support for BioControl RFID reader (CE device)
  • Added support for M3Mobile MC7101 to enable scanner hardware key
  • Fixed display issues with Intermec CN50
  • Added speed optimization to data manager

See the "Release Notes" on the Downloads page for more details.

14 July 2010

StyleTap Platform for iPhone v0.9.011 Released

StyleTap Platform for iPhone v0.9.011 is now available for download through Cydia and provides the following:
  • Support for iPad and iPhone OS 4 (iOS4).
  • The removal of the feature which allows a vCard to be inserted into the iPhone address book. The iPhone function which StyleTap was using to do this is not included in iPhone OS 4. Instead of inserting the vCard in the iPhone address book, a file with a "vcf" file extension will be created in the StyleTapExport subdirectory on the virtual card.
  • A fix to the WebTools utility so that prc and pdb files with the file extension in uppercase (i.e. "PRC", "PDB") can be installed in memory.
  • The "Find" function can now be invoked using a menu option in the StyleTap Launcher.
  • Various fixes to problems reported by users.