18 December 2012

Updated Version of StyleTap Platform for Android

An updated version (v0.8.005) of StyleTap Platform for Android is available for download at the StyleTap website.

Updates from version 0.8.002 (2012-08-17), version 0.8.003 (2012-10-05) and version 0.8.005 (2012-11-28) include:
  • Fix for applications that use ARMlets/PNOlets such as Handheld Basic apps, games such as Bike Or Die and others
  • Fix to match PalmOS behavior for out-of-memory pointers
  • Several issues that could cause StyleTap to crash or hang
  • Fixes to functions HwrGetROMToken, LstDrawList, LstPopUpList, FrmReturnToForm
  • Several issues causing registration status to be reset and/or unpredictable
  • Issue with WebTools using wrong IP address
  • Certain games doing direct screen writes outside screen boundaries

New Functionality

Added "Export Databases" function to StyleTap Launcher "Options" menu: Copies all Palm databases (both .prc and .pdb files) to /Android/data/com.StyleTap.StyleTap/export folder so that they will be visible when connected to desktop. This allows databases to be copied/backed up to the desktop file system, where they can also then be processed by desktop applications. After processing, updated databases can be placed in /Android/data/com.StyleTap.StyleTap/import folder to be re-imported when the device is disconnected and StyleTap is started again.

The Export Databases function can also be called from your application via the StyleTap API.

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