18 December 2012

Updated version of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile

An updated version (v1.1.021) of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile is now available for download at the StyleTap website.

Updates include:
  • Added barcode scanning support for Motorola MC55a and MC75a. There is a new DLL SymbolScannerlDLLv25.dll which will be used instead of SymbolScannerDLL.dll if the device is a Motorola MC55a/MC75a
  • Added barcode scanning support for Janam XM66, Motorola ES400, Symbol 3100, MC7500S
  • Fixes for HTC Touch Pro2
  • Support for Dolphin 9900, Pidion BIP-7000, Psion Workabout 7527S, Aceeca 1500, Datalogic Falcon
  • Fixes to DmInsertionSort/DmQuickSort, SysBinarySearch/SysInsertionSort/SysQSort
  • Fixes for TealPrint
  • Added support for "MountObjectStore=yes" and "ShowTaskBar=no" options in the StyleTapInit.ini file
  • Fix to WinSaveBits so that if the specified rectangle is too big, it will return sysErrNoFreeResource
  • Fix to vfs.cpp so that default subdirectory for Palm database files is "/PALM/Launcher/" instead of "/PALM/Launcher"
  • Added fix to FrmSetMenu so that menu is not reset if the resource ID is the same as the active menu
  • If a database cannot be loaded (most likely due to corruption), an attempt is made to load a backup version of the database if it exists. Database backup can be enabled by specifying "BackupDatabaseBeforeSaving=yes;" in the StyleTapInit.ini file
  • Fixes for RoadLingua

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