23 April 2013

Bluetooth Support Added to StyleTap for Android

StyleTap® Platform for Android™ v0.8.007 now supports Bluetooth via RFCOMM (serial over Bluetooth) when used through the standard Palm serial API.

This Bluetooth support is comparable to the Bluetooth support available in the Windows Mobile version of StyleTap. It enables Palm OS applications running under StyleTap to print to most Bluetooth printers supported by standard Palm print utilties, such as Stevens Creek PalmPrint and Bachmann PrintBoy. It also allows communication with GPS devices, while preserving the prior support for obtaining GPS NMEA strings from the Android Location Manager (see the Release Notes for details).

Release v0.8.007 also includes fixes for:

  • Error constructing the NMEA strings when the "system locale" was not English has been fixed.
  • Fix for getting keyboard input on some Motorola devices (e.g. Motorola Pro+)
  • Various fixes to support some applications (e.g. ChessMaster) reported by users
The new version can be downloaded now. See the Release Notes for more details.

NOTE: Apple has not provided a public API for generic use with standard Bluetooth devices, so we remain unable to support Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad devices.

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