13 January 2015

StyleTap Platform for Android v0.8.015 Released

StyleTap Platform for Android release v0.8.015 is now available for download.

Recent releases include the following enhancements:
  • Support for Android 5 (Lollipop) devices with 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Enhanced ARMlet/PNOlet support removes restrictions allowing more Palm applications using ARMlets/PNOlets to run
  • Bypass the Bluetooth partner selection dialog when you know the Bluetooth address of the partner device, by explicitly adding the following directive to the StyleTapInit.ini file:

  • Automatically redirect Palm serial traffic to Bluetooth, enabling use of Bluetooth-to-serial cables on peripheral devices with Palm applications hardcoded to use a serial cable, by adding the following directive to StyleTapInit.ini file:

  • If Palm alarms are not used, you can eliminate StyleTap override of screen lock by including following directive in StyleTapInit.ini file:

Recent releases include numerous fixes:
  • Memory corruption problem when playing sounds or using Bluetooth
  • Synchronize file changes every time an updated database file is closed
  • Eliminate extraneous keystrokes fed to Palm application if a field has focus,
    the on-screen keyboard has been enabled and the device is rotated
  • Crashing problem on startup on Android 4.4 devices
  • Backspace button recognized using Latin on-screen keyboards
  • Improvements to large and large bold system fonts
  • Remove need to reboot to see files on devices that connect to the PC using MTP
  • Enable multiple buttons being pressed simultaneously

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