13 January 2015

StyleTap Platform for Android v0.8.015 Released

StyleTap Platform for Android release v0.8.015 is now available for download.

Recent releases include the following enhancements:
  • Support for Android 5 (Lollipop) devices with 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Enhanced ARMlet/PNOlet support removes restrictions allowing more Palm applications using ARMlets/PNOlets to run
  • Bypass the Bluetooth partner selection dialog when you know the Bluetooth address of the partner device, by explicitly adding the following directive to the StyleTapInit.ini file:

  • Automatically redirect Palm serial traffic to Bluetooth, enabling use of Bluetooth-to-serial cables on peripheral devices with Palm applications hardcoded to use a serial cable, by adding the following directive to StyleTapInit.ini file:

  • If Palm alarms are not used, you can eliminate StyleTap override of screen lock by including following directive in StyleTapInit.ini file:

Recent releases include numerous fixes:
  • Memory corruption problem when playing sounds or using Bluetooth
  • Synchronize file changes every time an updated database file is closed
  • Eliminate extraneous keystrokes fed to Palm application if a field has focus,
    the on-screen keyboard has been enabled and the device is rotated
  • Crashing problem on startup on Android 4.4 devices
  • Backspace button recognized using Latin on-screen keyboards
  • Improvements to large and large bold system fonts
  • Remove need to reboot to see files on devices that connect to the PC using MTP
  • Enable multiple buttons being pressed simultaneously

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® Retired

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® is no longer available for purchase and is no longer being updated beyond v0.9.018.

11 January 2015

StyleTap Platform for Symbian OS Retired

StyleTap Platform for Symbian OS is no longer available for purchase and is no longer being updated.

23 April 2013

Bluetooth Support Added to StyleTap for Android

StyleTap® Platform for Android™ v0.8.007 now supports Bluetooth via RFCOMM (serial over Bluetooth) when used through the standard Palm serial API.

This Bluetooth support is comparable to the Bluetooth support available in the Windows Mobile version of StyleTap. It enables Palm OS applications running under StyleTap to print to most Bluetooth printers supported by standard Palm print utilties, such as Stevens Creek PalmPrint and Bachmann PrintBoy. It also allows communication with GPS devices, while preserving the prior support for obtaining GPS NMEA strings from the Android Location Manager (see the Release Notes for details).

Release v0.8.007 also includes fixes for:

  • Error constructing the NMEA strings when the "system locale" was not English has been fixed.
  • Fix for getting keyboard input on some Motorola devices (e.g. Motorola Pro+)
  • Various fixes to support some applications (e.g. ChessMaster) reported by users
The new version can be downloaded now. See the Release Notes for more details.

NOTE: Apple has not provided a public API for generic use with standard Bluetooth devices, so we remain unable to support Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad devices.

StyleTap Android Wrapper SDK Now Available

StyleTap® Android™ Wrapper SDK is now available.

StyleTap Android Wrapper SDK is a software development kit that allows Palm application vendors and corporations to deploy applications originally written for Palm OS® as Android applications that run on standard Android smartphones and tablets. The resulting Android applications can be distributed via an app store or deployed internally within corporations.

Interested companies and developers can visit the product page for more information about the SDK.